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To our Clients,

All of our work is done with "time-Is-of-the-essence" in mind as well as proficiency, quality & affordability. Most of our work is done in-house with select preferred sub-contractors hired as needed in certain locations and/or for unique situations.
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Kathryn Kirkpatrick

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Our Services

  • Cleaning Services (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)

  • Yard Services (Mowing, Clearing, Tree & Limb Maintenance & Removal)

  • Removal of Debris, Vehicles, RV's, Boats etc.

  • Repair, Replacement & Installation Services Hardware, Carpentry, Windows, Fixtures, Water Heater Accessories, Smoke & CO Detectors. Painting, Siding, Fencing & Other General Repairs & Maintenance

  • Well Water Sampling with Test Results for "Coliform, Nitrates & Lead" with fast turn around times!

  • Roof & Gutter Cleaning/Treatment including soft-technique moss removal brushing. 

  • Roof Repair Including Chimney Removal & Patching, Shingle Patching, Vent/Boot Replacement, Leaks Etc, (All Roof Types)

  • Roof Certifications 

  • Pressure Washing  Driveways, Pathways, Decks, Siding

  • Chimney, Fireplace Services  Inspections, Cleaning, Repair

  • Eviction Services Property Owner Representation, Property Release Delivery Forms, Cash For Keys etc. 

  • Rural/Off-Grid High-Speed Wireless Internet Infrastructure Solutions

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Quick &


& Accountable

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About Us

Full Circle 

As seasoned Industry Professionals & Business Owners in Real Estate and Construction since 2009, we decided to form Full Circle Property Services, a Full Service (licensed, bonded and insured) General Construction and Property Maintenance Company, including various unique and specialty services. 


Our previous General Construction work was contracted mainly with Real Estate Firms, Foreclosure Companies and Banks. During that time, we successfully serviced and remodeled hundreds of properties from Vacant Land to Residential, Industrial & Commercial Real Estate.  As we moved out of a recession in 2015, we focused solely on our Real Estate Business. During that time, we also invested and completed our own remodels and sales, as well as helping other investors do so.


Now, we're back to work and intend to fill a niche as a Full Service General Contractor & Property Maintenance Company,  & strive to provide the needed support for Real Estate Transactions & more. Our previous clients have included large and small Brokerages, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The VA, Bank of America, Wells Fargo & other National Companies. Referrals Upon Request.

Before we go, a few things that sets us apart, is that the Owner Kathryn is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker and can provide our Contractor access to homes, making the Sellers and Listing Brokers lives easier!  We do offer a "pay-at-escrow" program, where we complete the needed work and take payment at Escrow Closing, in certain cases! 

We look forward to working with you! 

~ Owner, Kathryn Kirkpatrick 

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“I was in the process of listing my home and had tenants that destroyed the interior unfortunately, including cutting holes in the carpet and flooring. Kathryn's team assisted with a quick set of repairs including getting the home ready for appraisal inspection.”

Chad Bostrom

*Shelton, WA

"We were purchasing an estate farm property with a well that needed sampling and testing for coliform bacteria. Kathryn promptly got this done for us and submitted to the lender on time."

Mary Williams

Olympia, WA

"My family sold our dad's old farm, which had about 5 trailer loads of debris scattered around and an old piano in the house. Chris came out and removed it all for us prior to closing. Highly recommend."

Daniel Parks

Olympia, WA

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