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Our Services

Cleaning Services

We perform "Move-Out" & other Cleaning Services for Residential & some Commercial/Industrial Structures, typically once the structure is emptied and the sale is in Escrow. Prices vary.


  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Roof/Gutter Cleaning

  • Debris Removal (int./ext)

  • Item/Furniture Removal 

  • Animal Dropping Removal

  • Pressure Washing

Yard Services

We are proficient at yard maintenance and vacant land clearing services from "First Mow" in decades to "Final Mow" & yard clean up. We also do limbing, branch & tree removal, 


  • Brush-Hogging 

  • Branch/Leaf Removal

  • Land Clearing 

  • Tree Limbing

  • Tree Removal/Stump Grinding

Lawn Mower

Debris & Item

If you have a Property with one or more unwanted items, such as a Piano or Pool Table, request a quote! We even can remove abandoned or unwanted Vehicles, Trailers, R.V's and Boats. We also have over a decade of experience removing various amounts of debris from interior and exteriors of Real Estate being sold. We also will include quotes for animal dropping removal. 


  • Vehicle Removal

  • RV/Trailer & Boat Removal & or Dismantling

  • Small Structure Removal

Roof & Gutter Cleaning, Roof Repair & Roof Certifications

Roof issues can often "kill" a transaction. Luckily, we have vast experience cleaning & treating roofs for moss & cleaning gutter systems, removing Chimney's & Repairing Roofs, Replacing/Fixing vents/boots/flashing etc. We perform Roof Services on almost all roof types. We also offer Roof Inspections & subsequent Certifications, if able, to satisfy Contract or Lending Requirements. 

Roof Repair - dreamstime_xl_22172550.jpg

Water Sampling

In the case that Water Samples are needed for your Real Estate Transaction, we provide Water Sampling Services and Test Results. With 15 Years of Industry Experience sampling water to satisfy Contract or Lender Requirements, we expect no "false positives" due to careful sampling. Includes sampling for Coliform Bacteria, Nitrates Lead and other Tests upon request.

Repair & Maintenance Services

In most Real Estate Transactions, Bank Appraisals and/or Home Inspections bring up Repairs or needed items that we're able to accomplish for you! Whether it's Water Heater Straps and Accessories, a Toilet Replacement, Rotten Siding, Fence Repair, Roof Repair, Hardware Replacement, Etc., we can help!


Chimney & Fireplace 
Inspections and Repair

Many homes have old masonry chimneys and fireplaces in questionable condition, including leaning, wear-and-tear, deterioration inside and outside the flue and fire-box, missing spark-arrestor and chimney caps etc. Most of them need to be professionally cleaned as well, to prevent chimney fires and to clear flue. We can help!

Eviction Representation Services

With years of experience working for Foreclosure Companies and Banks, we have provided Owner Representation & Property Securing during Sherriff's Evictions and subsequent securing of the premises, along with Property Release Waivers for previous Tenants or Occupants. Contact us for more information. 

If it's not 
Just Ask!

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